Bublu Calming Furniture Protector

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Tired of Hairs, Mess and Spills on your couch?

The Calming Furniture Couch has been developed using the same anxiety relieving principles used to create our viral Calming Dog bed. It’s equipped with a raised rim on the back-side that provides a sense of security, as well as snuggly and soft faux fur for your dog to cuddle into. It’s an effortless way to protect your furniture, floor and car while providing a comfortable resting place for your pup.

Why Every DOG owner need this Furniture Protector?

✔ Protects your furniture from Messes

Thanks to the water-resistant liner, you DON'T need to worry anymore about any messes. You can place your Calming Furniture Protector on any surface and material your prefer and let your dog sleep comfortably on it.

✔ Unparalleled Comfort and Joint Support

Generously filled outer bolster (pillow) provides excellent support and opportunities for nestling and feel safe. Unlike other cheap Dog Beds, Bublu™ premium bolsters are tight and won’t fall down...

The raised rim creates a sense of security and activates the nervous system in a positive way which allows your fur kids to calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.

✔ Easy to Clean, Washable Cover

You can throw it directly in the washing machine!

A dog picks up a lot of muckiness through the day, and much of it goes with them back to their beds, so it’s really important that your dog’s bed is fully machine washable.


✔ Ultra Soft and Comfy Material

Cozy, flexible and finished with faux shag fur, our self-warming luxury dog bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat!

It helps calm down and relax your dogs, and differently from all the other materials, it seems like sleeping on a cloud.



Easy to Wash/ Machine Washable

Furniture Protector

Waterproof Layer

Size Chart

Size Breed Type (estimates only)

Small (60x60cm)

Cat, Puppy, Toy Poodle

Medium (70x70cm)

Pugs, Small Cavoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu, Sausage dog

Large (84x84cm)

Cavoodle, Kelpie, Corgi

X-Large (100x84cm)

German Shepherd, Labrador, Great Dane

Donate for shelter Animal

Whenever you purchase a bed we donate 2 meals to shelter animals which means you are not only purchasing the products, you are also helping hungry puppies to have them meals and shelter.

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